Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is a partially refined, light brown cane sugar that was originally produced in Guyana (a colony that was formerly called Demerara). It is a large-grained and somewhat crunchy, raw sugar that has been rising in popularity in Europe and the U.S. Also referred to as Turbinado sugar, Demerara sugar has a natural, caramel-like flavor, which gives caramel notes to coffees, teas, seasoning blends, cookies and other dishes.

Many consider Demerara sugar more flavorful than white sugar. The size and crunch gives complexity and depth to recipes, and it’s a nice addition to the tops of muffins, cakes and cookies.

Today Demerara sugar is sourced from Hawaii, India, Mexico and Mauritius in Africa. It the most minimally processed sugar, allowing vitamins, minerals and a slight molasses flavor to remain intact, which is why it is considered a “natural” sugar.