Pink Peppercorn

Pink peppercorns are not true peppercorns but rather are the ripe berries of the Brazilian pepper tree. They are the same size and shape as peppercorns, and have a lighter but feisty, pepper-like taste, thus they are called peppercorns. They pair well with lighter foods like seafoods, fruits and light sauces due to their light, spicy-sweet taste with a citrusy kick.

Pink peppercorns originated in Peru, where they have a heavy influence on the local cuisine and culture. In the US and around the world they add an unexpected fruitiness to numerous dishes including curry pastes, and pair well with garlic and lemongrass. They can be nibbled on whole like dried fruit and work well next to a cheese plate. Highly versatile, pink peppercorns play a role in the production of beer and cocktails.

Also called pink pepperberries, pink berries and Peruvian pepper, pink peppercorns are related to cashews and can cause anaphylactic reaction in those who are allergic to tree nuts. Pink peppercorns can also be toxic when used in large quantities.

Benefits of Pink Peppercorn

Some research suggests Pink Peppercorn may have the following benefits:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Antioxidants
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