Like a continent of flavor. In a bottle.

Add a world of flavor to endless dishes with the World Flavors collection from iSpice.

Explore all five seasoning blends inspired by the authentic and diverse flavors of unique cultures from around the globe. Places like Asia, Latin America, the Mediterranean, Middle East and the Southwest.

What’s more? We make it simple to be adventurous – without leaving your home. Our easy-to-follow recipes let you create exotic meals filled with amazing flavor.

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Healthy spices from around the world

We’ve searched the globe for unique, zesty and healthy herbs and spices to create seasoning blends that brighten up the flavor of your food. What’s even better is each of these seasoning blends are low in sodium, all natural, vegan and gluten free.

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The World Flavors collection was created with simplicity in mind. Each bottle is labeled with the area of the world the blend was inspired from, making it easy to know exactly what kind of food to use it with.